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Keep It Short and Simple

Short form strategy and ministry planning can happen in many ways...simple outlines, bullet points, detailed documents and more. What's the best way? Write out a ministry plan simply with straightforward language and clear intent. Plan strategically with a view toward future goals and meeting demonstrated needs in your church and community. Above all, keep it simple. Read more.

Conversational Evangelism

David and Norman Geisler's Conversational Evangelism introduces relational pre-evangelism and teaches an engaging, conversational evangelism approach. Understand how to ask questions, listen attentively and understand what someone believes. And learn how to identify the real barriers to belief in order to build a bridge to truth. Find chapter outlines here.

Developing a Mobile Media Strategy

With 81% of mobile users browsing the web with a social networking purpose, it should be a key part of any mobile communications and marketing plan. Identify ways to engage core constituencies with your message and keep them informed about your products or ministries and the stories behind them. View mobile web statistics and visit SocialMediaToday.

New Marketing Samples

Check out the new marketing samples we've posted in our image archive. Find bulletin covers, display ads, "invite" tickets and bulk mail pieces for several new message series: "You Might Be a Christian Atheist If...", "In the Grip of Grace" and "If God Is Good Then Why..." Browse external marketing samples, internal promotion samples and general evangelism samples.